Image of BT08 - Minenfeld // Noir (2nd Edition)
  • Image of BT08 - Minenfeld // Noir (2nd Edition)

BT08 - Minenfeld // Noir (2nd Edition)

by Minenfeld
and Noir

4.00 / Sold Out

2nd Edition! Dark red print on black paper!

Dolchstoß // Fear is a collaboration track between the well known german death metal band MINENFELD and noise artist NOIR.
This exclusive work is no traditional split. It merges the filthy and brutal death metal of MINENFELD with the noisy electronic sound-scapes of NOIR.
Both artists have come together for the first time to give you relentless audio terror to add more depth to MINENFELD's sound than ever in the band's entire history. In summary: Dolchstoß meets Fear!

One track, 14 minutes.

Limited to 100. Download code included.
There are two variations of the cover. We will send them out randomly, no option to chose.

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